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  • 27th April
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Who’s there?
Baby owl.
Baby owl who?
Baby, owl see you as soon as you open up!

Okay, okay, bad jokes aside… my darling fellow Tumblr-knitter, Melissa from Slip Knit Pass, has posted a plea for hand knit baby gift ideas! 


My cousin Danielle announced a few weeks ago that she is pregnant and expecting her first child in October. I am waiting to hear of any news of the sex of the baby before I start my knitting frenzy. I am hoping for a girl because I have quite a few little baby dresses in my Ravelry library just calling my name.

So while we are on the subject…I wanna know of your favorite baby things to knit. Any patterns you can share? What are the most talked about knitted baby gifts in your family?

I couldn’t help but make an Etsy-esque Treasury of some of my baby patterns.  Today’s theme?  Owls!  (please note that all of these links are to patterns on the fabulous Ravelry.com— you must request an invite to join, and you must join to see the patterns!  I highly recommend joining Ravelry, if you haven’t already.  Inspiration and yarn porn abound!)

"Owl Keep You Safe" car seat strap covers by Melissa Schaschwary
Only 60 yards of Super Bilky on size ten and a half needles makes these car seat accessories a quick and unique gift!  Perfect for the last minute project.
© dandiliongrl

Owlet pullover by Kate Davies
Seriously, who doesn’t love a baby in a classy owl sweater?  The button eyes are just too cute.  Several Ravelers altered the pattern by only giving button eyes to one owl on the front and left the other owls unadorned.   
© Kate Davies 

The Hoot Toque by Megan Grewal
I’m a sucker for those kids’ hats that look like an animal head.  I have no idea why, but I find them irresistable.  (It doesn’t help that this kiddo was already irresistable— look at those deep brown baby eyes)! 
© thewittyknitter 

The Sleepy Owl Hat by Olesya Pronyaeva
A crocheted alternative, for those of you who find knitting in the round to be annoying or difficult on little tiny baby items!  This pattern is part of the Ravelry library, but may also be found for purchase in Olesya’s Etsy shop!
© prolesik 

The Bramble Owl Softie by Sonya Philip
Babies need toys, right?  I love the cutesy owls, but I also love the old, wise owl look (reminiscent of Owl from the original Winnie the Pooh books)! 

© knitwhits

Oliver Owl by Michele Wilcox
Sooo darling.  Love the garterstitch belly and the tuft ears!

© 2010 DRG / House of White Birches

Want a treasury of your own?  Click on the ask me anything link and describe your wish list!